We are a group of aspiring junior and senior engineers at Dublin High School and have been involved in Dublin High School’s Engineering Academy throughout our high school career. Our involvement in the academy has deepened our passion for engineering as we have been able to expand our knowledge of the fundamentals of the field through hands-on learning and real-world projects. One of the reasons we are able to work so well together is because we all have the same overarching goal of using our inventive personalities to give back to our community. The Dublin High InvenTeam is also lucky to have technical mentors and a close-knit group to learn and grow from. Our goal for this project is to not only help students with special needs to enjoy sports to the fullest extent, but also to show that anyone can make a difference in the world around them.

Meet the Team

Teacher Lead
Eugene Chou

Administrative Lead
Saahil Shangle

Technical Mentor
Greg Tietbohl

Communications Lead
Eugenia Gavrilova

Communications Co-Lead
Shayan Bawaney

Mechanical Lead
Gagan Thapar

Mechanical Co-Lead
Annabel Gomez

Finance Lead
Ashley Chon

Software Lead
Jaiveer Singh

Mechanical Team
Evan Doerpinghaus


Finance Lead
Joanne Baek

Software Co-Lead
Janice Liu

Mechanical Team
Kenny Lau

Software Team
Brian Anderson

Electrical Lead
Jeffery Cho

Sustainability Lead
Gowri Datta

Mechanical Team
Hanna Li

Software Team
Smruthi Balajee

Electrical Co-Lead
Anvitha Kachinthaya

Sustainability Lead
Eli Silva

Mechanical Team
Nikhil Ramesh