EurekaFest is just around the corner, and everything finally seems to be coming together! Lemelson-MIT has been in constant communication at every step of the way, and we cannot wait to celebrate this eventful grant year in just 11 days. This will be the Dublin InvenTeam’s final blog post before EurekaFest.

Our mechanical team has recruited help from just about everyone who has a spare moment at meetings, and we’re at the point of organization and preparation for the freight shipping of SpORT. Just this past week however, we ran into a few minor obstacles. After constructing the launching mechanism, we discovered that the ball guide was too small for the ball, so we ordered a smaller ball. A few adjustments were needed with the solenoid, since the force was inadequate for a complete launch; we decided to design a boot-leg system in its place. In addition to this, our team also constructed a box for SpORT’s shipping–it’ll ship next Monday via SolarBOS to arrive in time at Cambridge.

Software and Electrical are practically the same team at this point, everything’s integrated into SpORT, ready to go! The team has been solidifying all connections between the Button interface and the Raspberry Pi, and organizing for ease during transport. All software is prepared for configuration with the pan and tilt motion, ready for any variable input.

Communications put out the GoFundMe link last week, and we’ve raised over $2,000 since, thank you everyone for your support! While this is our final Blog post before EurekaFest, you can stay updated with what’s happening via our Instagram and Twitter @dhsinvent. Between now and the 19th (our departure for Cambridge) we will be working on prepping our display during the showcase portion, and all included informational binders for the public’s reference. Thank you once again everyone for all your support on this journey, it’s been an adventure and extremely rewarding experience!


Over the last month, our InvenTeam’s jam-packed schedule has grown even more as we have just over two weeks left until EurekaFest. Each of our three technical teams have completed their individual components for the machine and have begun to work together and integrate SpORT into a complete functioning product.


As the day of the Mid Grant Technical Review rapidly approaches, the team is working in double-time to prepare everything for the showcase. Excluding just a few minor adjustments left to make, the second prototype of SpORT is finally completed.