Road to Cambridge

Hello, and welcome to Dublin High School InvenTeam’s official website for the 2017-2018 school year! We are a team of aspiring junior and senior engineers in the DHS Engineering & Design Academy and will be working on constructing an assistive technology device for our local Tri-Valley Schools Partnership of the Special Olympics of Northern California. For more information on our team and our design, check out the links at the top toolbar.

Our PR team will be writing weekly blog updates on our prototype development progress and team news/events. We will also have a monthly email subscription available that will bundle our progress in a neat package in your inbox at the end of every month, in case you forget to check our site. It will be up and running very soon.

We thank you all for joining us on day one of our arduous road to EurekaFest where we will be presenting our final product in Cambridge in June. This project would not be possible without community support and we look forward to sharing every step of the way with you all. On behalf of Dublin High’s InvenTeam, we cannot wait to make the Tri-Valley proud!