Preparing for the MGTR

As our team nears the middle of our grant cycle, the deadline for the final prototype is fast approaching. Almost four months after our team was awarded the grant from Lemelson-MIT, we are hosting a technical review to share our project with community members and leaders. At 6 PM on February 8th at Dublin High School, the review will be open to anyone who would like to come out to view the project and what we’ve done over the last few months.

In order to prepare the final prototype to display at the review, our technical teams have been grinding on their individual challenges to bring a functional SpORT together. The mechanical team has been organizing the prototype parts in order to make reconstruction much more efficient; now that all of the weak spots have been located and resolved, the team has simply been reconstructing the stable, second version of the prototype.


On the other hand, the software and electrical teams have been working together to connect the three parts of the UI - tablet, Raspberry Pi, and motor controller. The tablet successfully communicates in serial to the RPi; however, the motor is not responding to the signals sent by the RPi. Electrical and software collaborated to resolve the problem, which is almost near a conclusion.

The second prototype is almost ready to be shown off at our technical review, which will be hosted at 6 PM on February 8 at 8151 Village Parkway. In addition to showing off our functional prototype, there will be a raffle and food trucks for visitors to participate in. Please come out and show community support for the Dublin High InvenTeam!