MGTR Recap

Last Thursday, February 8, 2018, our team hosted our Mid Grant Technical Review at our school. The event began with our team setting up our machine and getting the room ready for parents, students, and teachers to attend. We had multiple launches from SpORT and allowed the attendees to push the button to start the machine, which the kids really enjoyed.

We then moved into our presentation portion and we were ecstatic to see a full house. The room was filled with people waiting to learn more about our project. The presentation consisted of all of our different teams outlining their purpose and progress made over the last few months and finished with ways everyone can support our team. We received wonderful feedback from the people that attended and had industry professionals give their advice and guidance as well.


We ended the event with more demos of our prototype as well as a showcase of all the different teams within the project. Attendees were able to walk around the room and see these teams and how we all work together to achieve our goal.

Overall, we had a really successful night and were blown away by the support we received from the local community. We hope to host more events to fund our project and travel and look forward to working closer with the community!