Approaching Our Destination

Over the last month, we have been hard at work planning our trip for EurekaFest. With fundraising, building, and community outreach, our team has been making progress in more ways than one.

To begin, we have bought our tickets for EurekaFest! Our team has been deciding how best to use our finances and with the fundraising we have received from the last year, we were able to lower our personal ticket costs by $300. However, still being very far from the fundraising goal, we still need to raise money for additional prototyping and improving the parts on our machine.

As far as machine development, a lot has changed. For starters, we redesigned the entire machine. After the initial prototype, we realized our design was impractical and very hard to construct. Our new design involves a modular construction and is extremely easy to transport and store. The mechanical team has been building pieces over the last month and making progress towards the final product. We have constructed the frame and are now moving into the smaller technical parts.


Our software and electrical teams have been hard at work testing and troubleshooting our Printed Circuit Boards. The linear actuator is being run by the RPI and is fully functional. The pan motion is being controlled using a system of sensors and buttons to allow the machine to aim properly.


Overall, we have made quite a few advances in the last month. It has been a very busy time for the team and we received recognition from our school board last week as well. We are very close and very excited for next month! The trip to EurekaFest is almost upon us!